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So What Really is Hispanic Heritage Month? Let’s Celebrate Con Target
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So What Really is Hispanic Heritage Month? Let’s Celebrate Con Target

Target Latino Brands Hispanic Heritage Month

Right around this time you’re probably wondering what exactly is Hispanic Heritage month? When is the first day of Hispanic Heritage month? What does it celebrate? Is it Latino/Latina/Latinx/Latine?

Hispanic Heritage Month, also known as Latino Heritage Month, happens from September 15th to October 15th. It’s essentially a time to honor the contributions, culture, and history of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the country, from scientists and doctors, to activists, entrepreneurs and business moguls.

Why those specific dates? They chosen to coincide with the independence days of several Latin American countries, like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, which all declared their independence on September 15th, 1821. Mexico also celebrates its independence on September 16th, and Chile on September 18th.

The celebration includes local events, cultural festivals, educational programs, and exhibitions that showcase the traditions, art, music, food, and achievements of Hispanic and Latino communities in the United States. It’s also a big media blowout so you’ll see lots of trending articles about Latino-owned brands.

Around here, we’ll be celebrating señora brands at Target all month long: Latino/a led brands that have changed the game and broken barriers by launching at one of the most powerful and influential retailers in the country.

So what are the Latino owned clothing brands, Hispanic food brands, and overall top Latino brands at Target to support during Hispanic Heritage month and beyond? There’s one in every category for your shopping cart! Take this list with you on your next Target haul!

Beauty, Nails & Skincare

Rizos Curls is a beloved haircare brand that specializes in products designed to enhance and embrace natural curls and waves.

Vamigas (that’s us!) is a beauty brand that’s based in Latin American traditional herbs like the rare Latin American Rosehip.

Chillhouse is a trendy wellness brand that offers a unique blend of self-care products and spa services to help individuals relax and rejuvenate. They also have a cute nail salon in New York!

Luna Magic is a cosmetics brand that celebrates Latinx culture through its gorgeous and inclusive makeup products.

Food & Drink

Siete Foods offers a range of delicious, grain-free Mexican-American food products, like tortillas and churro snacks.

Fresh Bellies is a snack brand from babies to grown ups that focuses on introducing kids to real, flavorful, and nutritious foods from an early age, to create adventurous eaters. With no added sugar, and just a few simple ingredients, Fresh Bellies was the first kid snack brand to add real herbs – but they’re for everyone!

Agua Bonita is a refreshing beverage company offering unique and refreshing flavors inspired by Latin American traditions like Mango Habanero and Watermelon con Chili.

See Also

Somos Foods brings a taste of Latin America to the table with its line of authentic, ready-to-eat, and super convenient meals like chips and salsa, spicy refried beans, cilantro lime white rice, Mexican brown rice and more. Have you see the recipes on their website? *drools in Spanish*

Wellness & Sexual Health

Bloomi are safe, clean, and plant-based intimate wellness products that prioritize women’s health and wellness, founded by a sexologist.

Books and Games


Y2K Loteria is now at Target! Latino-owned and made in Latin America! #y2k #millennialloteria

♬ MLD – Mike Alfaro

Millennial Loteria puts a modern twist on the classic Mexican game, infusing it with humor and cultural references that resonate really nicely with – you guessed it – us millennial Latinos.

Tragos Game is a fun and engaging card game that combines drinking and cultural trivia, making it an entertaining way to learn about Latin culture while having a good time.

What other Latina and Latino owned brands do you hope to see at Target?

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