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How to Transition To Hot Señora Summer
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How to Transition To Hot Señora Summer

Summer is fun…but it’s also kind of a bummer. From heat waves to burns, to extremely dry, patchy skin, sometimes summer is summer’s own worst enemy. So how can the señora make the transition from winter wellness to summer wellness?


Start using a planner to intentionally plan out your summer – short and long term. What does your next weekend look like? Are you taking any trips? If you are, you can start buying gadgets and necessities to have the best trip ever, instead of waiting last minute. Need to get new gear for the summer? Figure out what week you’ll go shopping, and where. Pencil your friends in to your calendar so that you’re getting some critical comadre social time with your besties. Whenever you’re feeling low, just open your planner, and think of all the good things to come…


We know; it’s risky to plant much in the summer heat – even if it’s zone friendly – because it may not grow in extreme temps. But a new season is just not that fun if you didn’t put anything in the ground (and no, I’m not referring to that scene in Practical Magic.). You’ll be thinking ahead to when you start getting delicious veggie harvest in the fall. Here are some hearty hot weather plantita ideas for your garden when it hits 100…


What’s better than breaking open a brand new wellness or skincare gadget that’s on sale? If you’ve always wanted to try Gua sha, cupping, or a fancy LED mask, why not try it now, to use over the summer? It will help you get out of any skincare rut – and will help you feel so refreshed.


Sometimes, when all else failes, you’ve just got to go to the pantry. Find a new summer-friendly recipe – from your abuela or family ideally – that you want to bake for your friends or family, and devote a whole weekend to perfecting it. The days leading up to the big cookoff are the most fun, because you get to go grocery shop, hunting for unique ingredients at the mercado, and culminate it with a delicious meal that your ancestors may have cooked. I have found that learning how to cook basic staples – like making goat cheese or backing sourdough – turn my mood completely around, so I know that in the summer my family will have queso de campo for days.


You don’t have to do a spring cleaning. Try your hand at a summer cleaning, and redesign and tidy up or deep clean the worts spots in your house. Buy accessories from Ikea or Target, and spruce up the space where you may be most of the season. Because if it’s too hot to go outside, where else you gonna be?

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