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Rosa Valdes is “Educated Chola”: Here’s Her Señora Era Wellness Routine
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Rosa Valdes is “Educated Chola”: Here’s Her Señora Era Wellness Routine

Rosa Valdes has a brand. But not just any brand. With her mugs and “Xanax earrings” she’s helping raise awareness of anxiety and other mental health issues among Latinos. You can read more about her in the LA Times and follow her “Educated Chola” profiles on Instagram and Tiktok.

Image: LA Times

What’s your morning routine after getting out of bed?

I wake up at around 6:45 or 7am regularly, if I don’t sneak a work out in in the morning. When I do work out in the morning, I get up at 6am. It does not happen every day ahahaha. 

I try really hard to not check my phone first thing in the morning, so when I don’t do that, I try to drink water first before taking some vitamins and eat something. If I don’t eat something before the vitamins I just get nauseated.

What 3 skincare products are you using now to get ready for the day?

I use the Vamigas Facial Mist to wipe off any products I used over night. I was told that washing your face in the morning takes away all the good oils, and once I heard that, I almost religiously do not wash my face in the morning, rather I get a toner or this mist and wipe off minimally, before putting on a Niacinamide toner, I am currently using Good Molecules, then I moisturize, I either use Kiehls Ultra Moisturizer, but right now I am using Belief moisture bomb. Afterwards I put on my spf, I use La Poche Rosay’s SPF with Niacinamide currently.  Finally if I do use any face make up, I’ll throw that on top, but I tend to use a BB cream or nothing at all and apply blush, etc. on directly. 

On a perfect day, what’s your favorite lunchtime meal?

I love this local pizza place called Triple Beam in Echo Park, not the healthiest of things, but they make an amazing prosciutto, jalapeno, pineapple pizza. I try not to get this often because I would if we weren’t trying to save. 

Favorite food brands, I like Kuali Salsa, Agua Bonita, the aguas are so perfectly canned, they truly mastered something that is delicious and not too sweet, I tend to also buy generic brands, but I do like going to treder joe’s for when they have specific items I love. 

What are your favorite caffeine or caffeine alternatives to keep up your energy?

When I can have caffeine, I usually just go for coffee or tea. I’m happy with an ice coffee with almond milk or ice latte with almond milk. If I want caffeine and not to be so anxious, I go for a matcha latte, iced of course. On the daily I try really hard to not drink caffeine even if I am not anxious, and if I can get it, I will choose a decaf option just for the taste. Its a good placebo.

What’s your favorite tip to wind down?

I like putting vick’s vaporub around my nose, I know you’re technically not supposed to according to science, but the menthol and eucalyptus smell help me relax. I love lavender, but it doesn’t work as well for me to relax. The vick’s I can feel working each time I inhale. 

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Do you take supplements?

I take all the vitamins and supplements I can. I take a vitamin B complex, vitamin D (editor’s note: Use MROsenora15 for 15% off), Nordic Naturals Omega 3 fish oil, Probiotic and prebiotic gummy from Olly, Super Enzymes (due to not having a gallbladder to help process fats), sodium tablets (to help keep me hydrated) and magnesium glycinate capsules to help my muscles and anxiety to go to sleep.

Do you workout or do yoga? If so, which classes do you love?

I currently do AKT which is a combination of dancing and working out, but I do love pilates, I can’t do yoga daily since it makes me sleepy. I also try to do strength training workouts whenever I don’t go to the workout class.

What’s your evening wind down and what’s your skincare routine like? 

I do the vick’s thing right before I go to sleep, but before that, I will do some gua sha on my face and before the gua sha I do my night skin care routine. At night I apply the kiehls dark spot corrector for hyperpigmentation, then I apply some tretonoin, followed by the vamigas rosehip oil as my moisturizer. Then I will prep my humidifier and fill it with water, spray my pillow with a lavender spray and fill my cup up with water to have next to my bed. 

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