Meet the Founders

We’re a different type of wellness website, one that comes from what we know: the women from our ancestral past.

Being a Señora is state of mind that’s about slowing down, and embracing a new stage of life. It transcends age, background, ethnicity, and even gender.

You’ve entered a modern wellness movement, where we dig deep into calming practices, bring you soothing routines in beauty, food, travel and more, seasoned with a little bit of ancestral wisdom.

Where we love new beauty buys, testing out a good LED face mask, find the best supplements, take the coldest plunges. But we also love tecito, a good walk, finding the best deals at the mercado, and figuring out how to make homemade cheese.

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Who are we?

Christina and Ann are the Señoras behind the skincare brand Vamigas that’s at Target, Whole Foods, JCPenney and more, They’re Tory Burch Fellows, Inc. Magazine Female Founder 200 (2023), and have been covered on Forbes, Glossy, Byrdie, Elle, Allure, Oprah Daily and more. And they’re both proud to be in their señora eras.

What’s a Señora?

They are our moms, tias, abuelas, bisabuelas and tatarabuelas. These ancestral women lived the señora life because they had to. They made their own honey and oatmeal mask, or bathed in milk and chamomile, and used herbs to soothe their bellies.

Revisiting our  señora eras is a radical thing; Embracing your inner señora is a pivot away from the hustle, lean in, girlboss culture of the past. It’s great grandmother era – with a modern vibe.