Meet the Founders

Being a Señora is state of mind that’s about slowing down, and enjoying a calm, healthy new stage of life. It transcends age, background, ethnicity, and even gender.

It simply means that you have entered a stage where you’re honoring and following ancestral rituals to embrace slow living.

You’ve entered a modern wellness movement, where we dig deep into calming practices, bring you soothing routines in beauty, food, travel and more, seasoned with a little bit of ancestral wisdom.

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Who are we?

Christina and Ann are the Señoras behind viral skincare brand at Target, Whole Foods, JCPenney and more, Vamigas. They’re Tory Burch Fellows, Inc. Magazine Female Founder 200 (2023), and have been covered on Forbes, Glossy, Byrdie, Elle, Allure, Oprah Daily and more. All during their own Señora eras.

What’s a Señora?

They are our moms, tias, abuelas, bisabuelas and tatarabuelas. These ancestral women lived the señora life because they had to. They made their own honey and oatmeal mask, or bathed in milk and chamomile, and used herbs to soothe their bellies because they didn’t have the modern tools and marketplaces that we do.

In many ways their lives were hard but simpler than ours: they had a good support system thanks to their comadres, they cooked food and herbs from scratch, and embraced restful practices like gardening.

We think revisiting our  señora eras is a radical thing; Embracing your inner señora here in the U.S. is a pivot away from the hustle culture of the past.

In fact, creating a beauty brand inspired us to step into our señora eras by tapping into the wellness habits passed down by the generations of women before us.  What we found helped us reimagine our lives to focus on balance.

In doing so, we went viral on Tik Tok and  inadvertently tapped into a digital community of señoras 70,000+ strong, who like you also wants to leave hustle culture behind, make a cup of tea and sit in the patio – maybe even start your own veggie garden.