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I Tapped Into My Señora Era By Taking An Herbalism Class
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I Tapped Into My Señora Era By Taking An Herbalism Class

Herbal Academy Classes

Getting in touch with our señora eras also means we can step into the ancient wisdom and healing power of herbs, because that’s what our ancestral señoras used.

We have modern medicine and science to help support our health, but many generations ago, herbs was all señoras had! So when my tia told me that my great grandmother’s grandmother was an herbalist and she had jars of hierbas in her kitchen, I literally jumped at the chance of learning more about what was in my own ancestral line. Like how did I now know this!

I have been taking online classes over at Herbal Academy (our new partner), a virtual haven for new and modern señoras who want to deepen their understanding of herbalism, especially those whose abuelas or bisabuelas were expert herbalists themselves.

It’s been nothing but fun for me. I have been learning about natural skincare, concoctions, tinctures, growing herbs, foraging, and more. I’m learning things I didn’t even know were possible. And what I love is that as a toddler mom, it lets me study at my own pace – even in bed last at night after the toddler goes to sleep, and wake up fresh with new ideas for projects.

Also, how gorgeous are Herbal Academy’s’ photos? Just looking at their book or visuals online are super motivating for me, especially if I am having a low energy day.

What can you expect when you sign up for the class?

1. The Introductory Herbal Course: Nurturing Green Beginnings

For those taking their first steps into the realm of herbalism, the Introductory Herbal Course serves as a lush garden of foundational knowledge. This comprehensive course covers the basics of plant identification, ethical wildcrafting, and the essential skills needed to start crafting your own herbal remedies. Students delve into the world of botanical terminology, plant families, and the art of making herbal preparations.

2. The Intermediate Herbal Course: Cultivating Deeper Roots

As students progress, the Intermediate Herbal Course offers a more profound exploration of herbal medicine. This course delves into advanced herbal therapeutics, formulation strategies, and the intricacies of holistic health. Participants learn to formulate herbal protocols tailored to specific health needs like acid reflux and period cramps. With a focus on clinical herbalism, this course equips students with the skills needed to confidently navigate the diverse landscape of herbal projects.

3. The Herbarium: A Living Encyclopedia of Herbal Wisdom

At the heart of the Herbal Academy lies the Herbarium – a digital treasure trove that complements the courses seamlessly. This membership-based resource provides exclusive access to a vast collection of herbal monographs, articles, and research, creating a dynamic space for continuous learning. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced herbalist, the Herbarium serves as an invaluable reference library, allowing you to deepen your understanding of specific plants and their therapeutic properties.

4. Free Courses: A Botanical Gift to All

Recognizing the importance of making herbal education accessible to everyone, Herbal Academy offers a selection of free courses. These courses provide a taste of the rich content available in their premium offerings, allowing curious minds to explore introductory concepts without financial barriers. From Herbal Materia Medica to an Herbal Pregnancy and Postpartum Course, these free resources cater to diverse interests and ensure that herbal knowledge is within reach for all.

Benefits of Taking an Herbal Academy Course: Empowerment Through Education

Embarking on an Herbal Academy course is more than just acquiring knowledge; it’s a transformative journey with numerous benefits. Here are some key advantages:

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a. Holistic Understanding:

Herbal Academy courses go beyond the superficial, fostering a holistic understanding of herbalism. Students not only learn to identify and use herbs but also gain insights into the interconnected web of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

b. Practical Skills:

The courses are designed to be hands-on, empowering participants with practical skills. From creating herbal infusions to formulating personalized remedies, students gain the confidence to apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios.

c. Community Support:

Joining the Herbal Academy community means becoming part of a global network of herbal enthusiasts which includes many other señoras, like me!

d. Flexible Online Learning:

Their online platform allows students to learn at their own pace, making herbal education accessible to individuals with diverse schedules.

And of course, it helps us get a little closer to the señoras of our past, by learning some of the skills many of them have. Sign up in this link.

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